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Don't let age take the enjoyment out of your garage!

You enjoy working on your cars. You may even be looking forward to building your own kit car. 

Staying physically strong is a very important part of all automotive activities.


You may have invested in a big air compressor and air tools to make mechanical tasks easier.


Why not invest in your body which will increase your strength and stamina? This will make mechanical tasks easier too!


And, taking care of your body will have additional benefits in other activities. 

(Your spouse probably won't like an air compressor in her bedroom but she will appreciate a more youthful, vigorous you!)


Stay Active with the World’s First Senior Muscle Maintenance Supplement

Senior Muscle Maintainer™ or SMM is a Senior Tested muscle maintenance product scientifically formulated to delay the natural loss of muscle mass in older active men and women.

SMM improves muscle mass, muscle strength, and muscle endurance.

Aging cause a loss in muscle mass and strength ever year after 25 or so. Until recently this loss was considered just a natural process that could not be stopped. Now we know this isn't true!



Clinically Supported Science Used by Active Seniors all over the USA.

The carefully selected active compounds in Senior Muscle Maintainer™ are supported by clinical research. Just as important, SMMdoesn't contain compounds that are known to support virus replication. SMM™ also does not contain ingredients that are known to aggravate the kinds of health concerns common to older adults.

Our scientists have been following research in aging for over ten years

In the past year, new clinical research has shown that age related muscle loss (Sarcopenia) can be slowed if not completely halted. Our founders realized that since something could be done, something should be done. In consultation with two Doctors of Pharmacy and a researcher at a prestigious university, SMM testing began.

Learn more about age related muscle loss (Sarcopenia)


Use the tabs at the to left learn more about Sarcopenia and how SMM™ can help you fight what used to be considered an inevitable part of aging. Help stop muscle loss, weakness, atrophy, & muscle wasting. Regenerate old muscle with our anti-aging formula. Reinvigorate your Golden Years. It's never too late to get strong!

Our Try-to-Buy approach guarantees your satisfaction or you pay nothing!


Senior Muscle Maintainer is only available through this website. There is no retail markup or distributor profit. There is no charge for "handling" or shipping!

When you order, we send you a free five day supply. If you're satisfied, do nothing. On the fifth day, we'll ship you a thirty day supply and charge your credit card.

When you're ready to order click here:
SMM isn't an "anti-aging miracle cure" but, combined with twice a day sensible exercise, SMM™ can make a real difference in your life!